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After our continuous pursuit of best artificial fishing baits, we fish skin lure using real fish skin.


QHow should I store the fish skin lure?
Basically, there is no problem with the same storage method as a normal lure.
If the top coat is damaged, the fish skin may be damaged.
QIs it possible to have the lure specified here have fish skin attached?
We do not provide individual support for each customer. note that.
QI would like to actually see it, but are there any stores that handle it?
Currently, it is not available at physical stores.
We participate in exhibitions as appropriate.
Please check the latest information as it will be delivered on SNS. "
QCan you repair the broken fish skin lure?
We will repair it.
However, repairability and response will differ depending on the degree of damage.
QWill the action of the original lure change?
It is basically the same action as the genuine product.
The design of the fish skin lure will be significantly changed compared to the genuine one.
In order to maximize not only the appearance but also the function, it is necessary to scrape the original lure by the amount increased by the fish skin and coating.
In this regard, Fresh Bait Lures has made fine adjustments to drive down to 0.01g.