The aim was “ultimate artificial bait”

13 years involved in lure production. As a result of aiming to make the ultimate lure, I arrived at a fish skin lure made from living organisms.

Original manufacturing method that reproduces the overwhelming biological feeling

At Fresh Bait Lures, after three years of trial and error, we have established a unique manufacturing method.

By this original manufacturing method, we have succeeded in making a lure without losing the color development of the living body as much as possible.

The so-called taxidermy approach cannot achieve the beauty and functionality of fresh bait lures fish skin lures.

There is a clear difference in the reflection of light in water as well as on the ground. It can be said that the “reproducibility of the living body” by this original manufacturing method is the decisive difference from lures using other fish skins.

Pursuit of quality

The biggest liver of fish skin lure is the living body that is the material. It cannot be used to make Fresh Bait Lures unless it meets the conditions of body surface damage, freshness, and size. Actually, individuals that can be purchased on the market do not meet the requirements for freshness as well as damage to the fish.

Therefore, in order to secure a living body, the current situation is that there is no choice but to start from capture.

We also have strict requirements for transportation and storage of captured organisms.

Only individuals who meet these requirements will be fish-skin lures. From the perspective of lure production, it is a stack of extremely inefficient work. However, the finished fish skin lure gives off the best brilliance.

Thoroughly finish even small parts

Someone who knows the manufacturing process of Fresh Bait Lures. “This is already a craftsman.” At Fresh Bait Lures, we carefully finish each and every part, down to the smallest parts.

For example, the work of removing the fiber of the meat remaining on the back of the fish skin. The remaining fiber causes a fine step on the fish skin when it is attached to the lure.

They are a level of difference that the general public does not notice. However, in order to maximize the potential of fish skin, Fresh Bait Lures pays close attention to details.

When the selected materials and the technology of Fresh Bait Lures meet, the ultimate artificial bait is born.

Unlike normal lure production, fish silver lures cannot produce large quantities at one time. There are unavoidable circumstances in which each item is finished one by one through the identification of materials, preparation, and detailed processing processes.

We have received a large number of requests, but the current situation is that we have not been able to fully meet them.

Please enjoy the fish skin lure you received for a long time. In addition, since it uses natural materials, it can be said that it is truly one-of-a-kind. We hope you enjoy the beauty and texture of fish skin lures.